Peace if possible, truth at all costs.

- Martin Luther

Fools Folly

The political sideshow of the moment? Arizona's immigration policy. Let's get the troops mobilized...oh, wait.

Everyone wants to get in everyone else's business. Arizona has a HUGE problem with illegals. The federal government--responsible for protecting US borders--is failing the people of Arizona, the legal citizens of the state who elect their representatives. They are trying to resolve a problem that is not being adequately handled by the federal government--as the feds are far too busy doing what the Constitution does assign to them.

But everyone from every backwoods cabin and urban high-rise has something to say, passionately, about the situation, because God forbid they are not in on the cause of the moment...God forbid.

We have an opinion also: Unless you live in Arizona, shut the f@@k up!

Those of you in Maine and Michigan and New York and everywhere else not on the US/Mexican border have no idea of what problems are being faced by the people of Arizona. You might as well pontificate about the Pakistan/India border...which, you probably do. Let the people of Arizona figure this out, while you take a look at your state. Better yet, in your county, you have corruption. Heck, you probably have corruption in your school district, maybe even in your own house, but you can do something about let's focus on Arizona!

You know what they say, "Monkey see, monkey do," and it seems like we have become a nation of monkeys.

What will the next cause of the moment be? Watch the monkeys.

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