Political Action Required Now!

It is time to mobilize! Billions of years of earth history and we are in dire need of controlling with weather, the climate, because change is bad, so says ManBearPig. Clearly, there is no doubt, according to "scientific consensus" offered by ManBearPig, that not only is climate control necessary but possible. But...just wondering...is it possible the earth shifting on its axis could complicate the control issue? Clearly, if we can control the world's climate, something nature did ignorantly for billions of years, we can move the earth back to its "correct" axis--if there is a correct climate, there must be a correct axis. (Nature is soooooo stupid!) Consider the problem:

The earthquake that killed more than 700 people in Chile on Feb. 27 probably shifted the Earth’s axis and shortened the day, a National Aeronautics and Space Administration scientist said. [Read]

According to our calculations, it is going to take a lot of nuclear explosions to re-shift the planet...of course, if we could just move Al Gore to the other side and have him shake a bit, that might do the trick.

ManBearPig, we need you!


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