Why Listen?

A simple question is why do you listen to a man and ignore his actions. Listen to a speech by Barack Obama, or George Bush for that matter, and you are offering yourself up for manipulation. To understand a man's desire and purpose, you need only look at his actions. So why listen to what he says?

It is unfortunate that we offer ourselves up for manipulation because we find that more palpable than acknowledging the truth that is laid out before us.

posted at 15:39:58 on 01/26/10 by clearpolitics - Category: Proclamations - [Permalink]

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enough wrote:

he only lies when he opens his mouth!! we really need to find a way to impeach this guy...oh and that dirty oil and gas ,i guess its clean when we pay 4 bill a year to import what we have here.. this solialest administration is killing our economy..next thing we will be in bread lines and there wont be any bread
01/29/10 14:41:55

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