The natural progress of things is for government to gain ground and for liberty to yield.

- Thomas Jefferson

On The Road To Nowhere, With No Direction

If you can five minutes, watch where our fearless leaders are taking us:

Howard Davidowitz: "We Are On A Death March!" "We Are Japan!"

By the way, this makes sense when you see how few people that have any real world experience are in the Obama administration:

When one considers that public sector employment has ranged since the 1950s at between 15 percent and 19 percent of the population, the makeup of the current cabinet—over 90 percent of its prior experience was in the public sector—is remarkable. [Graph]

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DrNO wrote:

I think there is actually a plan, and unfortunately it is FASCISM. The large corporations and banks took control of the election, hired a community organizer with no experience but a good speaking style and attractive to a sizable chunk of the population and purchased his election. Now the same presidential election funding sources are taking their pound of flesh from each and every human being in America. Federal Reserve provides the anesthesia with printed money and Big Media keeps the misdirection coming while each and every person has the life blood extracted from them.
12/26/09 17:43:16

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