I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.

- Thomas Jefferson


Did George W. Bush use drugs, more specifically, did he use cocaine? Maybe. Does it make a difference? Not really, unless the lies begin.

Many of those now looking to again pin the drug issue on President Bush gave Clinton a free pass for his alleged drug use and rape. (Not sure how one gets a pass on rape – it must be that anything but a (R)epublican wisdom.) So what is the big to do about? Nothing, really, unless they can get him to make the same mistake Bill Clinton made with Monica Lewinski, and lie.

Bush has previously admitted to making “mistakes,” not denying such use. A Bush surrogate came out later and said he had never used illegal drugs – sure, and Bill Clinton did not inhale, or snort or… The only way to let the subject go is to not answer. No answer is George’s best answer.

There is clearly popular belief that Bush used cocaine, illegal drugs. There is popular belief that Clinton did also. The populace gives them a pass, but isn’t an argument being missed here? Why are people sent to jail everyday for making the same personal choice?

We seem to be willing to give our leaders a pass for their indiscretions, as long as they are willing to support an “anti-drug” platform – no, not anti-pharmaceutical drugs – and come down hard on drug use. Why? Where is the intellectual integrity?

Why, in a free society, are we willing to give our leaders a pass for using illicit drugs while our next-door neighbors or, more significantly, the lower members of the socioeconomic strata are thrown into prison for making similar personal choices?

It is amazing the freedom an Ivy League education provides in the drug culture – freedom unavailable to most who cannot afford the educational luxury of Ivy.

The more you have, the more freedom that is yours, the more you can get away with, and that is the stance we expect from our leaders? A stance we accept and encourage? The problem is not our leaders, it is us. We want freedom, we just do not want others to be too free.

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