No Negotiation, Ever

What happened in Russia last week was tragic. Hundreds dead, hundreds more injured, all for the cause. Now, under the circumstances of horrific terrorism that led to these deaths, there are those calling for negotiations.

First, you get what you pay for. If you want more terrorism, then reward the action. Negotiate as they demand, make a concession, succumb to a request. All that is necessary is a little something, an action of any kind that makes the activity worthwhile, and you will receive more of the activity. Unfortunately, the purchaser does not even have to be government officials, or even aware they are making a purchase.

If the terrorists see that they can cause 100,000 people to march on their behalf, then that is the price that has been paid for their activity, more terrorism has been purchased. That is a sad and sobering thought.

Even when negotiation is the right thing to do, it cannot occur under the duress of terror. What do you think will happen if the negotiation does not meet their terrorist’s expectations? Yeah, that’s right, they will stop negotiating and continue the terror.

It is strange to think that in demanding peace you are supporting terrorism, but when placed in the context of such actions it is a truth that must be acknowledged. Yes, demanding peace, working towards a peaceful solution is not the way to communicate with those who are speaking to you with violence. Unfortunately, you can only communicate with them in a language they understand – terror, and they do not fear civility.

As long as you continue to talk with terrorists in language they do not understand, we will never communicate our side of the message.

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