Bring Troops Home, Now

Let us not pretend. President Obama is not up to the task of leading a military in battle, therefore our troops are in harms way, dieing in greater numbers without the support they need.

- First U.S. official resigns to protest Afghan war
- NATO Ministers Endorse McChrystal Afghanistan Strategy
- 256 dead US Soldiers in Afghanistan as Obama dithers and ignores McChrystal

We could grab a thousand articles, but let us not pretend. President Obama does not like, no, is incapable of doing difficult tasks, especially those that require leadership. It is clear and obvious, he enjoys the celebrity of the position, not the responsibility of upholding the Constitution. We must accept he will not lead, and must bring our troops home. Every day we have troops deployed we are unwilling to support completely, we have a hand in the unnecessary deaths of US soldiers.

Without a doubt, the delay Obama has taken to play golf and not make this decision tells us everything we need to know. Please, let's bring the troops home.

For those who believe Barack Obama is capable, you must first explain how someone unwilling is able.

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