Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn't.

- Mark Twain

Obama Jumps Shark

We all knew Happy Days was over when Fonzie jumped the shark. In only a couple hundred days, the Obama administration has jumped the shark.

There is apparently a large faction of people who do not mind that Obama and his administration knows little about economics; there seems to be no problem that he consistently lies about fiscal responsibility, most especially his proclamation that earmarks were over and their would be no lobbyists in his administration; there is a cadre of fools who believe the deception of his health care reform; there are the morons who think cap-and-trade will not sink the economy; all of this and more and his followers dig their heads deeper into the sound, or perhaps they are clueless ideologues also. So what has he done to finally jump the shark? The morons have decided to engage the Chinese in a trade war.

At this time in our history, mostly due to decades of fiscal irresponsibility with the government assuming a larger role in everyday lives, our national debt is absurd. Who buys our debt, extending us the cash advance on our national credit card? The Chinese. In order to buy loyalty--again, he is too stupid to understand loyalty cannot be bought--he has decided to help the unions and slam the Chinese with a tire tariff. The Chinese are a bit ticked off.

So, we wondered when the second shoe would drop, when the economy would begin a free-fall, and the date was ironically September 11, 2009, Obama's national day of service. (How do you serve your country by destroying it?)

Aside: Please have Government Motors (GM) stop running their damn commercials. No matter what they do, there is a large part of the population that will not purchase a car from a government run auto manufacturer.

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