Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.

- Albert Einstein

Lies and Lies

This administration, doing its part to make the Bush administration look good, keeps up the full court press on the lies. They insist their health care reform will pay for itself, in savings, yet this is the same administration that is destroying the country financially from within, growing debt at a pace comparable to third world countries in decent. Why do we stand and pretend that this is not happening? Is it because we are so compliantly keeping our hands in the air while being robbed?

Look at the administration's brilliant investment in the automakers:

Taxpayers face losses on a significant portion of the $81 billion in government aid provided to the auto industry, an oversight panel said in a report to be released Wednesday. [Read]

In less than a couple hundred days in office they have had to revise their budget forecast for an additional $2 trillion in debt. In less than 200 hundered days, they underestimated the need for an additional $2 trillion in deficit spending!

The Obama administration robs the American people, and half of the citizenry is grateful. Is it possible that half of the country can suffer from Stockholm Syndrome?

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