More important than the quest for certainty is the quest for clarity.

- Francois Gautier

Cheney Gets it Right

When President Cheney is right about something, something the left loves, should they not be singing his praises? Or, is opposition to the messenger more important than the message.

Dick Cheney is for the states handling the issue of gay marriage, as he has a lesbian daughter he has probably learned a bit of tolerance on the issue. Sure, he would prefer it would be different, but it is what it is, so he needs to figure out how to support the one he loves, and having the federal government get involved is not the answer. The government, especially the federal government, is rarely the answer.

So, you on the left, where are your praises. Oh, and there is one other question: George Bush is clearly portrayed by you as an idiot dancing on the end of puppet strings pulled by Cheney, President Cheney, you would have us presume, so why is there disagreement on this issue? Why is Dick deferring to George? Is George really in charge?

When Dick says, "My general view is that freedom means freedom for everyone," you must sing praises, we all must sing praise.

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