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Screwed by Feds Again! It's Getting Old

Yes, the average American has been screwed by the federal government again, trying to manage the economy like so many failed communist regimes. The cash for clunkers is another rip-off for all, even the fools taking part. (You can say no on principal to participating in these government programs, even if you think you can turn a quick buck, but that requires integrity.)

If you are a family looking to be frugal with your money, or just do not have much, the federal government has jacked up the price of your used car. A car that was worth $500 in the open market now has an artificially inflated price of $3,500 to $4,500. You will have to pay more for the artificially inflated prices of a used car. But that is not enough, you are also on the hook to help the government pay another $1,000,000,000 (+interest!)they have spent on your behalf to help the car companies sell cars. As if that was not enough, they are looking to add another 2 to 4 billion more because the program is so "successful".

Oh, and those of you who keep their older cars, remember that you will not be able to salvage these cars for parts, engine or otherwise, because they are being crushed. This is okay, but congressmen do not work on their own cars and those of you that do, well, screw you and pay up.

Everyone thinks they are getting a free lunch, a little gift from the government, but that is a lie. It really works to government's advantage to keep its citizenry desperate and stupid.

If you bought a car with this bonus you should have to place a bumper sticker on it that says "Government Sponsored Buyer", so we all know that we have a right to plop ourselves behind the wheel and take it for a drive, as we all helped pay for "your" car.

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