Politics would be a helluva good business if it weren't for the goddamned people.

- Richard M. Nixon

Land of the Free or the Pathetic?

Are we the land of the FREE or PATHETIC? You know it is your choice:

The federal government has classified C02 as a pollutant. This is what your body exhales and plants absorb. This "pollutant" is going to be taxed with cap and trade. Congress is doing this now. What you exhale, what all animals exhale is a pollutant? FREEDOM or PATHETIC

Under a proposal in the Senate for nationalizing the health care system, someone who refuses coverage will be fined. FREEDOM or PATHETIC

Failure is part of the system that has led to a great economy. Those who make the proper decisions reach for greatness, while those who do not pay the price with failure. The US government has spend billions of dollars it does not have bailing out large companies that at one time prospered in our economy. Society as a whole has been saddled with supporting failure. FREEDOM or PATHETIC

As the economy shrinks and millions of people are laid off of their jobs and are now unemployed, one sector of the job market remains strong; government. What does more government give its people? FREEDOM or PATHETIC

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