The natural progress of things is for government to gain ground and for liberty to yield.

- Thomas Jefferson

Why Fight an Audit?

Does it not seem strange that the Federal Reserve, the printer of money, would actually go out of their way to fight any attempt to review their books?

As HR 1207 gains momentum and co-sponsors in the House of Representatives, the Federal Reserve is planning to fight the tide calling for an audit of its books by hiring a veteran lobbyist to “manage its relations with Congress,” according to Reuters. [Read]

And who are they getting to fight the audit?

The Fed plans to hire Linda Robertson, who previously worked for now-defunct energy company Enron, as well as the Clinton administration. [Read]

Talk about credentials, the Clinton administration and Enron. Sounds like a woman with integrity for sale.

You would think that of all places where there should be an open book policy, the Federal Reserve would be at the top of the list.

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