The natural progress of things is for government to gain ground and for liberty to yield.

- Thomas Jefferson

Your Principals, If You Have Any, At What Cost?

There are some who have principals, but oh so few. A truly principled person does not have the values they hold so dearly for sale. What would it take to buy the principles of those who are "barely principled"?

If you believe in capitalism and the truth and brilliance of free-markets, you have to be more than a bit upset about the government's involvement in General Motors. (Not sure who would buy a Chrysler for a multitude of reasons, so...) If you are wise enough, intelligent enough to believe in the truth of capitalism, what would it take to buy a GM car? $1,000 cash back? 0% financing? Cash back and low financing? Come on, what is your price? 30% off sticker, plus low financing and cash back? What's your price? What government manipulated non-market price hits your trigger?

Whatever your price, if you buy a GM car, even if it is a sweet deal, you are either unprincipled or ignorant--due to your lack of understanding of capitalism and government intervention. Sure, you can "justify" the purchase as a sweet deal, a steal, but why not just fess up to the truth: your principles are for sale, cheaply, because you want others to admire your new car. Your principals are on sale because you have such a low opinion of yourself you are unable to take a stand for principle, for right. Do not worry, you are not alone, you are just like most everyone else. It is okay, the unprincipled have become the core of the mediocrity of our US society.

For those of you who cannot buy a GM, no matter how much you want a Hummer or love the 'vette, congratulations for having a rare strength once referred to as integrity. But, we know you do not need congratulations because you know who you and are not looking for the approval of others. Hopefully, you have 20 children in whom you have instilled these values.

Principles. Integrity. To lead such a life is so richly rewarding, but takes a strength of self so long dieing.

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