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Tax You to Death

It appeared one person had enough of those "speed enforcement" vehicles in Arizona and shot the man operating the vehicle to death. If we are honest about it, we have to not that these having nothing to do with enforcing speed and everything to do with increasing revenue to the state, AKA taxes. So, will we be honest enough to say that we will tax people to the breaking point?

Other states have limited photo enforcement programs involving specific highways and construction zones, but Arizona was the first state with a statewide program.

Then-Gov. Janet Napolitano, now the U.S. Homeland Security secretary, had ordered DPS to begin developing the system in early 2007. She also was instrumental in writing the 2008 budget law that launched the program in September.

Napolitano said the program was a way to improve public safety but critics said its inclusion in the budget indicated that increasing state revenue was the real motivation. Critics also say the program isn't fair to motorists.

For some reason they failed to put the (D) after Janet Napolitano's name. It was probably just an oversight...yeah, right.

You did note that these "fines" are a revenue item in the budget, didn't you? The tea parties would be bigger if the citizenry fully understood the burden government has been placing them under.

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