Partisan? Your Choice?

Do you have to be partisan? What if you do not agree? What if you agree most of the time? What if you agree with some of both parties and the whole of neither? Third parties? No, I am a

Do you notice that the leaders of both parties spend a great deal of time catering to niches, factions? These are people for whom party affiliation is less important than the view taken on a single issue. Good or bad, right or wrong, they have something that means more to them than being partisans, and are therefore catered to because of their beliefs. (D)emocrat? (R)epublican? (L)ibertarian? It makes no difference, what is their stance on

When the winds of dialogue change, party leaders will and do change, and a partisan will follow along under the great wisdom of the change, but they are not the ones creating change. Change comes from those who question and challenge the ideas put forth by the status quo, question the party, question the partisan.

> Partisan - A fervent, sometimes militant supporter or proponent of a party. <

What happens if you are a partisan and you do not agree with your party? Do you say so? What if another party makes more sense? Do you change affiliation? What if a third party makes the most sense? Do you support the small party with little likelihood of winning?

If you have closed your mind to the possibility, to the discussion, then partisan is the way to go, as no thinking is required, your leaders will do that for you. You are the kind of follower they can be counted upon. You are loyal. You are the label, the caricature, the stereotype.

When you meet a true partisan, do not waste time trying to change their minds, engage in intellectual debate, or ponder the query. Work on the minds of those they follow and they will come along like well trained circus animals.

If you are going to be partisan, it does not have to be Clear Politics. Let it be because you believe the ideas, solutions and direction taken by the party are the best, not because the label is familiar. Know this because you wear the label by choice, because when another party makes more sense you are willing to embrace a new label, and you challenge your party along the way.

With all of the issues covered by the parties, there is always something to disagree with, but are you able to say your party is wrong and another is correct about something? Anything? That is a partisan test.

Partisan? Choice? Think.

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