Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn't.

- Mark Twain

Racist Government?

Well, there really is no need for a question mark.

People are people. Some are racist, most are not, but it in general people are not racist. The government? Extremely racist?

No, not racist as most would think, discriminating against minorities, but the government’s racist polices stem from giving minorities preferential treatment, special treatment. Frederick Douglass knew long ago, the best way for freed slaves to get ahead is to do nothing for them, as they were strong, hard working survivors, and the worse thing that could be done would be to give them preferential treatment. He was right, but did anyone listen? Do they listen now? No, preferential treatment has spread among more and more minority groups.

For a government to represent all of the people, it must see its citizens as equal, without burden or preference placed upon any citizen more than any other. The government in this country does not do this, as they have long given preference, and until they stop, there can be no equality.

Equality in our lifetime? Doubtful, unless you can stop the government from providing preferences bought and paid for with your money for the purpose of another vote, but for that to happen you would have to find politicians with the character to stop buying votes, with your money, stop paying off minority groups.

Having a racist government sucks, as most are not treated fairly when preference is given to a few.

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