Fools Paradise

When the simple minded get together and elect a leader who surrounds himself with nonthreatening fools, we get:

'We're looking at a scenario where there's no more agriculture in California,' Steven Chu says. He sees education as a means to combat threat. [Read]

Think about that. The problem, according to this clown, is global warming and the solution is education. Let's forget the whole issue about global warming for a minute and focus on the absurdity of the equation. If you were to learn that a giant meteor were to crash into the planet, would you consider education an answer? If you were to learn that the sun was about to explode, would education save you. If you were on a bus that was already going over a cliff, would education save you?

Sorry, we forgot. We took them seriously for a moment, forgetting that everything the administration does is about our court jester and making him look good...though how good does he look surrounded by evil clowns?

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