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The "media" has long been quick to compare conservatives to members of the Third Reich. Interestingly enough, the German media worked on behalf of Germany's propaganda machine. Why is the media so clearly prepared to be the propaganda arm of the (D)emocratic party? In so many ways Bush had (D)emocratic tendencies and Obama will continue the majority of Bush's policies, but the tone is oh so different. Anyway, a headline only moments ago:

House passes economic stimulus, prodded by Obama
Massive economic stimulus bill swiftly passes Dem-controlled House after prodding by Obama

Sounds like Obama is a superhero who managed to get a bill through one of the houses for the good of us all. You will actually have to read the article to see that not a single (R)epublican voted for the big government pork stimulus package.

Prodded? They followe(D), lock step.

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