All great truths begin as blasphemies.

- George Bernard Shaw

Democrats in Charge

This is what America wanted, Democrats in charge. And Obama's pick for Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, is the epitome of his choices.

You choose: Based on actions in his personal life or the role he has already played in the financial crisis, Tim Geithner is either a liar, a cheat, an idiot, a fool, or all of the aforementioned. And, if you have taken the time to listen to his hearings, he does not even have the fundamental belief that was he is going to do is the right thing or will work, he is just going to do it because that is what President Obama wants...but isn't he supposed to be advising Obama?

You wanted morons in charge of the circus, so enjoy the show.

EDIT: Let it also be known that even though, to a large degree, China is funding our deficiet spending and propping up our puppet bankrupt government, Geithner has decided that at the behest of Obama, this is the time for the Treasury Secretary to be confrontational with our bankroller. He did this by accusing them of "manipulating" their currency. (How dumb and naive is he? Yes, they always have, and, though to a lesser degree, so do we.)

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