Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

- Benjamin Franklin

The Great Depression

The great depression is here. What else can you call the state of mind reached when you look at all of the bad economic news, of which so much is natural market correction, and then see the government's big plans to rescue us all from the normal correction a market must endure? It is depressing.

Instead of getting out of the way and letting this correction happen, the governmental fools are digging a pit as fast as they can, burying us in the dirt as they dig. State governments cannot afford all of their programs, so the Obama administration says the federal government will print up more money and give it to them. Poorly run business that should go by the wayside are propped up, standing as an unnatural obstacle to well run companies. Badly run financial institutions are showered with money by the Bush administration. Everything the government can do wrong they do or are doing, with the idea of letting natural markets takes there course being anathema. They will not allow for natural correction, and, just like Gore cannot change nature, a correction will occur no matter what they do.

We are drowning in the idea of feeling good about doing something, instead of the wrestling with the truth of the wisdom of doing the hard thing, the right thing, and that is enduring an economic downturn which can make us all wiser, highlight poor practices and rewarding good practices.

The Great Depression: a state of mind, caused by government action.

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P Strasser wrote:

Absolutely right--the first round of bailouts had to happen no matter what--to rescue to big banker mafioso who own Washington politics from the disaster they created. Now that we're past that and getting down into the soupline of bailout requests those initial actions created, we're seeing the government still can't bring itself to trust the free market, especially when nearly every member of Congress is so deeply beholden to so many of those big donor corporations.
12/08/08 15:02:43

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