Freedom of speech means allowing not just those you embrace to speak, but those you fear. The problem with so many is that they fear freedom more than anything.

- e. a. graham

Dictator's Welcome

We would like to think we have an evolved political system in this country, rising above the manipulated bureaucracies of countries like Venezuela and Russia, but it depends on where you live. For the most part, the corruption of power leads to outrage and removal from office, unless you live in a area where the electorate considers themselves the most enlightened in the country (because they have no ability to embrace or even discern right from wrong):

New York city's mayor, Michael Bloomberg was limited to serving two terms; he wanted to serve more. Like Russia's Putin and Venezuela's Chavez, he manipulated the politicians under him and had them change the law. (Do the people not get a say?) Well, Bloomberg is also supposed to be sending out refund checks but he does not think that is an appropriate use of funds, so... he is not going to send them out.

What is funny is not that there is a little dictator in the United States, it is what the most enlightened liberals in the country are doing about it, exactly what you would expect, NOTHING.

"Liberals", by definition, are submissive to government rule, all government rule, no matter how bad; it is freedom and responsibility that makes them uncomfortable.

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