Knowledge of Sex

Knowledge appears to be a dirty word in Texas. When one arms themselves with knowledge, truth, they can make informed, better decisions, but don’t trust the school board to help you attain knowledge.

The Texas school board is considering four textbooks for sex education in their schools, and only one of the four discusses condoms, the other three focus on abstinence. Abstinence is fine, but teaching all of the choices allows the informed to make a choice if they do not select abstinence is not their solution. Fact: Abstinence is not the only solution.

Why would it be considered teaching when information is purposefully neglected? Sure, there is the Clear Politics of sex, that evil act we are meant to enjoy, but why does it have to be the clear ignorance of the politicians regarding sex. These stupid fools all need a good…

Do you think this kind of knowledge restriction, this forward thinking by the wise elders in charge of molding the Texas education system is one of the reasons Texas is a leader, number one in the nation? Texas leads the nation in teenage pregnancies.

Stupidity is everywhere, even Texas. They say they do everything in a big way. Apparently they do ignorance big also.

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