Every generation needs a new revolution.

- Thomas Jefferson


The Democrats are going to try to make the Great Depression look like a pauper's paradise. The Obama Plan, as we will now call it, is to go full steam ahead with throwing money at the problem, exactly like George Bush but with more gusto. Also, he thinks it is the perfect time to enact the social and market engineering programs the Democrats have longed for:

US President-elect Barack Obama intends to push a comprehensive programme of social and economic reform beyond an immediate emergency stimulus package, Rahm Emanuel, the next White House chief of staff, indicated on Sunday.

Mr Emanuel brushed aside concerns that an Obama administration would risk taking on too much when it takes office in January. He said Mr Obama saw the financial meltdown as an historic opportunity to deliver the large-scale investments that Democrats had promised for years.

What can the government do to destroy an economy? Do what Bush did and do more: The Obama Plan

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