Every generation needs a new revolution.

- Thomas Jefferson

Bush Gives it to OBAMA!

It used to be the left who hated Bush, but now the right may want to come out of the closet and let everyone know they feel the same way: George W. Bush has destroyed the idea of a conservative, a (R)epublican, because he was just another politician in favor of big government and political expediency.

BTW: It did not help that the one time during the election when John McCain could demonstrate he was a fiscal conservative that believed in smaller government he choose, like Bush and Obama, big government and political expediency and voted for the $850,000,000,000 bailout. The only fiscal conservative running was Bob Barr but (L)ibertarians never get the numbers.

True conservatives should be livid, but are there are many left...

When we are done being livid at the lack of fiscal conservatism, we will lay out how (R)epublicans can come to power for a generation...but it will mean they will have to be real conservatives, not "different" progressives.

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S Adams wrote:

It's just politics as usual now. None of the Democrats repsonsible for the economic collapse will be held accountable. It will get swept under the rug and the Democrats will continue with the same policies that got us here in the first place.

Tomorrow we start preparing for 2012. Hopefully, we will have a better selection to choose from. Obama will be a one term president. He is being held to a higher standard, almost godlike, and once the people realize he cannot bring all of his promises to fruition, his followers will become disenchanted.
God help us until then.
11/05/08 00:20:15

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