Obama has no solutions to fix anything! His solution to a better America is a bigger government, more government America!

And for those who think he is going to reign in government spending, you just heard him say he wants to double the spending. ("...just as well funded" were his words)

And for social liberals: Does that sound like freedom?

When is he going to speak of his plan for all American children to be part of the Obama Youth?

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queenannmd wrote:

You obviously have not read Obama's website. I suggest you go and do some more research because you have a warped viewpoint.
11/01/08 20:52:05

S Adams wrote:

When someone questions anything Obama says, his supporters quickly tell you to refer to his website. Even when what Obama says entirely different from what is on his website, we are to refer to it anyway.
So let me get this straight, don't believe anything that comes out of Obama's mouth, just refer to his website.
Maybe Obama should read his own website, I don't think he knows what it says.
11/01/08 23:51:58

clearpolitics wrote:


Judge one by their actions, not their explanations. If you have to excuse what Obama says, it is because you do not want to believe who he is.
11/02/08 00:34:59

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