In war, you can only be killed once, but in politics, many times.

- Winston Churchill


If you have not cast your vote, it is time to prepare:

List of what you get in an Obama Administration
Change is McCain, the only candidate who has talked about reining in government, Obama is the continuation of Bush policies
How not to support the bailout
How not to support the bailout when the choice is difficult

And, if you have time, pick an economic philosophy.

Whoever wins, the country will survive. If Obama wins, a passion will be ignited in those who believe in capitalism as a system that provides opportunity to all and a rebirth in the fiscal conservative. (The fiscal conservative was dismissed by the (R)epublican party. Historically, McCain has been a fiscal conservative and look how easily the issue has been ignored.)

If, when all is said and done, the socialists have won the moment, it may be time to shrug.

The battle is just beginning...

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Cheryl Weiant wrote:

If you earn more then 250,000, net,then you may have a decrease in income....sorry, but that puts me, as a nurse and every middle income person I know, with literally zero threat to increased taxes and will put more dollars in our pocket..

Obama has the temperment, the intelligence, the political savvy, and appeal worldwide, to make the changes we so very desperatly need in this USA.
Cheryl Weiant
11/01/08 23:53:17

clearpolitics wrote:

Do you really believe, given all of the programs he wishes to implement, that it will cost you nothing? And, if you do believe this, do you not place any value on the freedom that comes with a minimal government?

Cheryl, you sound like a typical Obama voter: It isn't going to cost me nothing and he is real appealing.

Also, as we have stated here again and again, Obama is not change, he will offer four more years of George Bush's, government's the answer with a dash of crony-capitalism.

We wish you luck.
11/02/08 00:32:13

S Adams wrote:

Cheryl Weiant is the typical clueless Obama sychophant. All of them are zombies walking around repeating Obama's talking points without doing their homework independent of what Obama's website says.

The people that Obama's tax plan and health insurance plan will hurt the most are the small businesses and it will trickle down to the consumers. In essence, he may cut YOUR taxes but you will make up for it in inflation. Businesses will be forced to raise the cost of their services and goods, decrease staff, wages and benefits. The low income workers will suffer the most.

Another problem with Obama's "spread the wealth", "You are selfish if you don't pay higher taxes" plan is less motivation in the workplace. Why work extra hours if it will put your earnings over the magic $250,000 mark? People will strive to come in below that amount so they can take more home.

Another thing, why $250,000? This may seem like a lot for those living in low cost of living areas, but for those who live in New York, California, etc. that is not a lot of money. The cost of living is high enough is some areas, but Obama's going to take it one step further and increase the cost of utilties.

If Obama is elected, with Pelosi, Reid and Franks help, we will go into a depression. But of course, they will just blame it on the Republican standing closest to them. Pathetic!
11/03/08 16:40:07

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