Every revolution was first a thought in one man's mind.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson


Forget the infomercial, did you see Barack Obama on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show"? He was asked if he still wanted to be president with the country in such bad shape? His answer (not exact words):

This is a fairly conservative country, but if you got into public service to bring about change, this is the time to be president because of the opportunity to take the country in a different direction.

He does not want to fix the problems we have, he wants to take the country in another direction. Great, if that direction were capitalism, real and honest unlike the crony-capitalism we have been experiencing, but that is not the direction he prefers; socialism or communism are really the only other options.

This is not our opinion, these are just a continuation of Barack Obama's consistent statements. Listen and you will not be surprised. (For those voting for Barack for hope: know socialism and communism are defined by hopelessness.)

Go to 7:20 of video:

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J Far wrote:

Going back to the Clinton era tax rates IS NOT SOCIALISM AND NOT BAD FOR AMERICA! Wealth was being built back in the 90's, and everyone was prospering.

Why are you right leaning Republicans so deaf?????

We're going to spank you this election and make it a referendum that you ARE NOT THE HEART OF AMERICA. And all you seem to dole out these days is hate and propaganda. Give it up. You lack patriotism when you hate Americans.
10/30/08 09:00:29

clearpolitics wrote:

Socialism is his growth in the role of government in our economic lives. The taxation is not the biggest problem, it is symptomatic of the role that he wants the government to play; the government as central clearinghouse for revenues which will be distributed as the politicians determine. This plan always best serves one class of people: POLITICIANS. No other group in society are better served than the politically connected and politicians themselves under socialism.

And if you think George Bush is a conservative you see why the ideology of limited government is tarnished; he is not a conservative but a big government politician with a (R) after his name. The similarities between an Obama government and a Bush government will be strikingly similar, unfortunately.
10/30/08 09:20:36

Celia wrote:

This site is so deluded. Just like a typical republican and the media, twisting everything word out of context to mean something else when favoring another candidate. I am glad I voted Obama. You really think if McCain wins and God forbid died and Palin took over she has a fucking clue? I don't think so. Let her be a hockey mom, shoot wolves, and let a real person change this country. The old system has not worked and won't work. I love that we will be going in a new direction under Obama. We need a change. You trust our gov. now? Look into 9-11 and how Bush & Cheney were behind it among other people we put our trust in. Fight for those 2 criminals to be tried for their crimes instead of bashing Obama.
11/04/08 16:14:53

Diane wrote:

"Look into 9-11 and how Bush & Cheney were behind it" Sometimes the depths of stupidity of some people leave me speechless. You call this site deluded! What does that make you, Celia? You have one good thing going for you, though. You will make a wonderful, mindless foot-soldier for Obama. He'll need you.
11/04/08 19:42:50

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