All great truths begin as blasphemies.

- George Bernard Shaw

Buy A Bank, FREE!

Do not have money to make your mortgage payment? Do not have money to pay your bills? It could help if you were to buy something for $5,600. How? We know you do not have the money and no one will not loan it to you, so how about this: the government will directly loan to you $7,700 dollars. Since what you are buying only cost $5,600 you will be able to pocket $2,100 and have purchased an asset...all without having to raise money. Now you can pay your mortgage and your bills! What a deal. And the government is providing this program!

You are thinking, "How ridiculous, the government is not going to give me $7,700 to buy something for $5,600." Well, you are right because you do not know the right people and you are small potatoes trying to take responsibility for your finances, but if you were a bank they would give you $7,700,000,000 to use to purchase another bank for $5,600,000,000, leaving you with $2,100,000,000 extra to pay some bills, salaries, meal expenses, travel, etc. (Yes, that is more than $2 billion of your dollars being dispersed.)

Pittsburgh-based PNC would buy National City with about $5.2 billion of its shares, and $384 million of cash payable to some owners of warrants. PNC plans to sell $7.7 billion of preferred shares and warrants to the U.S. Treasury under the Troubled Assets Relief Program.

Your government has been corrupted, and they know you will not do a thing about it... They give you bread crumbs and tell you to be happy you are not starving, while they feast on your labor.

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