In war, you can only be killed once, but in politics, many times.

- Winston Churchill

Obama Means Higher Local Taxes

Cruising the internet can take you from article to article, and if you are lucky you will find something interesting. Here is a bit about taxes on the ballot in the over-taxed state of California, though we would assume it applies everywhere:

The big push for higher local taxing has come about at the advice of political consultants, who have been telling officials that Barack Obama is the key to tax riches. Their polls and focus groups indicate that enthusiasm for Obama in California will generate an abnormally large turnout of young and lower income voters, voters who tend to vote for tax hikes because, rightly or wrongly, they believe they will not be impacted by the increased levies. [Read]

The commentary is a bit depressing when you realize what politicians are willing to do to get your money, and then realize what they do with the money--are so many of us this stupid?

Wealth redistribution; socialism; marxism; however you wish to label it, if you do not stop government they are going to stop you.

If Obama wins, it will be a good time to be lazy and ask the government for help. Lazy is the key, because someone else will work for you--that is redistribution to "those behind you."

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justin wrote:

We are going to select this man as leader when we are going into the worst recession in more than 25 years? Then, yes, we are that stupid.
10/20/08 00:21:02

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