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Does Obama Know the Difference Between Revenue & Profit!

Hearing all of the horror stories about Obama's tax increase on business making over $250,000, we assumed that he was talking about a marginal tax increase. We were so wrong! From Obama's own lips, "If your revenue is above 250, then from 250 down your taxes are gonna stay the same. It is true that, say for 250 up, from 250 to 300 or so...you go from 36 to 39 percent..." (The other possibility is that he does not know the difference between revenue and profit, which should immediately exclude him from not only being president but from being a senator--and it would also explain why he favors socialism, since he does not understand capitalism.)

Listen to the whole thing, but especially at the 24 second mark:

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david fowler wrote:

about 90% of the small business in the united states make around 250k as a gross income, i am a small business owner and there were times i made that much, but obama has yet to relise that there are exspendatures that have to be paid out of it like, materials that the company has to buy to do business, the product that the customers buy, business insurance, licences, bonds,gas, payroll if they have employee,s advertisement, so after all the payout to run the business, you are probley clearing under 100k, and if you have partners like i have we split the profit x4,, but with obama,s plan on taxing the small business that make over 250 k or 200 k or 150k, can he make up his mind?every speech is a different #. all he is going to do is hurt the small business with the tax he plans on putting on us, we will either have to raise prices on the products people buy or even lay off employee,s to keep the business going. Obama has no idea what he will be doing, i want someone in office who understands the working class. and that isnt Obama. McCain gets my vote. plus i am a vet, and my opinion is to be president you should have had military service.its not the time for on the job training, peoples lives who service our country are in jeopody, if Obama wins, god help us all if that happens. he talks the sweet talk, but he won't walk the walk, if he wins say goodbye to your wallet .
10/31/08 10:20:33

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