Politics would be a helluva good business if it weren't for the goddamned people.

- Richard M. Nixon

The Abyss Awaits

Yes, McCain actually said it during the debate and Palin has said it on the campaign trail: the government's growth is out of control. There is no defense of Bush's irresponsibility in creating a socialist society but the choice is whether we go further into this mess or stop before we fall into the abyss. Barack Obama wants us to hold hands and jump into the abyss together, while McCain wants us to take a step backward. Whether we jump back or jump in will be decided by all of us, the principled and cowardly alike.

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Dave wrote:

It's really a shame that you are so ignorant about economics and yet you have this voice of influence. McCain's economic plan is no different than the failed plan implemented by Bush, which is a rehash of the wrong-headed Reaganomics. The so-called trickle-down theory does not work, and the evidence is the economic mess we are in right now. In addition, the gap between the rich and poor has expanded under Bush. In addition, the gap between CEO pay and the pay for the average worker has widened by 400% under Bush. When running against Reagan in 1980, George H.W. Bush appropriately called this economic approach "Voo-doo economics."
10/17/08 11:42:56

clearpolitics wrote:

Government has helped create this problem, and, as you are so wise in the field of economics, you know that socialism is a complete and utter failure. Do we move towards responsible, small-government capitalism and or socialism, a system we know moves society towards mediocrity and crushes opportunity?

George Bush's economic policies are definitely part of the problem; he is a big government loving, big spending liberal, with a (R) after his name.
10/17/08 11:59:41

Jeanine wrote:

Forget the (R) and forget the (D). The simple question at hand is this. Do you want bigger government? Do you want the government more involved in your life? Or, do you want them to cut their spending like all of us must do when we have to budget our finances. Do you want smaller government and people taking responsibility for their own choices.

If my child earns an A in her English class and her friend earns a C, should they both be given a B? Is that what people really want? Because, that is Socialism. Should my child take the opportunity to help her friend with studying to do better? Yes, but she should not be forced to. That is Socialism.

Radical Socialism is Barack Obama's background. He proved his views with the comments he made to Joe the plummer. Spread the wealth around.

I won't so much be voting for Senator McCain as I will be fervently voting against Barack Obama. I do not want socialism. Yes I think everyone can agree from the state levels to the federal levels too much money is being wasted. The government has never been successful at using our money wisely. I refuse to give them more of my hard earned money.
Obama = bigger government no doubt about it
McCain = definately working towards creating more opportunity. Gov. Palin has an 85% approval rating in her state because she has been effective. You can not say that about any one else in this race.

Thank you.
10/18/08 23:03:09

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