I am a Republican, a black, dyed in the wool Republican, and I never intend to belong to any other party than the party of freedom and progress.

- Frederick Douglas


Every aspect of life in about competition. No matter how much some may wish otherwise, everything from the smallest virus to the grandest idea is about competition. Survival of the fittest applies not only to you but to ideas, and one of the most perfect constructs--one that is truth because of its existence in nature--is the free-market economy. This truth is being decimated.

With the passage last week of the $850,000,000,000 bailout--yes, it was $700 billion but the politicians had to "sweeten" the bill to get it passed--filled with pork and payoff, the free-market was denied the path of least resistance and the opportunity to cleanse; a natural and beautiful aspect of the process that gives birth to ideas and opportunity. Mediocrity and incompetence was propped and embraced while wisdom and responsibility through disciplined, honest competition was spat upon. Now you have a choice.

In the long-run, good always prevails, so the free-market will one day return, though not in this country in our lifetime unless we are willing to act. What can we do? An armed revolution when the political body will not heed our will is not necessary at this time because we can regain our influence over the political body with the simple vote.

We need to understand that all opportunity, for us, for our children, for our grandchildren and all future generations is derived from the free-market; even governmental leeches need the free market. We need the free-market if we wish to be anything more than subservient to the government. Regardless of what they may say, every politician that voted for the bailout does not believe in free-market capitalism, period. Democrat and Republican alike who supported this bill believe in government interventionism and crony capitalism first and foremost. In order to regain any semblance of personal opportunity we must remove them from congress.

This is a non-partisan issue, this is an American issue. We cannot vote for any member of congress who voted for this bill. We all have the opportunity to vote for two senators and a house member. Learn how they voted and if they supported the ridiculous failure that is the $850,000,000,000 bailout you will be burdened with then vote for someone else, anyone else. We must clean congress of those who created a problem and then dumped it in our laps, whether the drape themselves in the robe or a Democrat or Republican.

We will need to have a long memory because some senators who voted "yes" to putting the failures of Washington and Wall Street on the backs of hard working citizens will not be up for reelection for four more years. This issue is that big; the repercussions of this failed policy will wreak havoc on future generations unless we right the ship and force the government to become responsible--even if their Wall Street/lobbyist friends want otherwise.

If you vote for anyone who supported this bailout you are responsible for the wrecking of the economy and destruction of the free-market just as much as the politicians. You have a choice. It may not be easy but you know what the right thing to do is; we all know, now we have to act on our choice. All we need to do is the right thing, which is bigger that the symbol of affiliation after a name.

We are better than we are allowing ourselves to be treated by Washington.

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