By doubting we come at truth.

- Marcus Tullius Cicero

Arrest Henry Paulson NOW!

The credit markets have seized, in large part due to the unpredictability of the government's actions and the shouting of "The sky is falling!"

At we work hard to sound reasonable, which is why it is difficult for us to make the statement about Paulson's arrest without sounding like kooks, but Hank Paulson should be locked away. We will make it simple:

  • Hank Paulson is a former CEO of Goldman Sachs

  • Hank Paulson maintains an intimate relationship with Goldman Sachs

  • Hank Paulson has been overseeing the somewhat orderly liquidation and sale of failed Wall Street assets

  • Wall Street was expecting the failure of AIG, as it was made clear by the government that there would be no bailout and Lehman had been allowed to fail

  • Hank Paulson learns that his former company, Goldman Sachs, has a $20 billion exposure in AIG

  • At a meeting held " discuss financial aid for A.I.G., the only participating Wall Street chief executive was Lloyd C. Blankfein of Goldman Sachs, Mr. Paulsonís former firm."

  • The government does an about face and loans AIG $85 billion dollars, protecting their largest trading partner, Goldman Sachs

  • Shortly after this the credit markets begin to dramatically seize as there is no longer predictability in the government's actions

  • Hank Paulson panics and demands $700 billion to use at his discretion to unsieze markets, a seizing cause by his actions

Hank Paulson insisted that if he did not have that money to use right away the world would come to an end--it has not. After the House of Representatives refused to pass a bill giving him extraordinary powers, the stock market fell but the dollar strengthened and oil and other commodities plunged--both good for us. We will survive this but the markets need predictability--not a bailout, though who does not like the government handing them someone else's cash.

Newt Gingrich goes around saying Hank Paulson should be fired, but we think he should be arrested, now! It is clear that his conflict of interest cause him to loot the treasury to the tune of $85 billion dollars. His unpredictable actions then caused a seizing of credit markets and to camouflage his actions he wants to rain money on Wall Street.

This is Hank Paulson's panic and when you see how he has doled out resources of the American government you will understand why it is so important no bailout of his friends be passed, and why he should be arrested.

We know, it sounds a bit conspiratorial but the facts are so simple and the actions so obvious how are we to ignore them? (Now you know why he appears so panicked when he speaks; he knows the truth and the possibility you might is haunting him.)

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Justin Ferguson wrote:

Economist says, let the go bankrupt.

"Further, the current credit freeze is likely due to Wall Street's hope of a bailout; bankers will not sell their lousy assets for 20 cents on the dollar if the government might pay 30, 50, or 80 cents."

They are going to try again.
09/30/08 09:53:39

clearpolitics wrote:

Sure, it seems a bit conspiratorial, and no one wants to get their hands around that possibility, but Hank Paulson still belongs in prison. Yet, with all of the mistakes he has made, all of the panic he has caused, we are going to keep him in charge of resolving the problem? Who is the real idiot?
10/01/08 09:52:34

imatruthsayer youtube diaryofhoney wrote:

there are fraudulent records of my death which appear to be responsible for the banking nightmare
9/11 FUNDS
I am credible.
please help Obama is another crooked attorney poised to cause the imminent demise of the US
08/25/09 03:37:31

Henry Norman wrote:

He (Hank the Bank) was also awarded a cool 100 million (that he did not have to pay in taxes) in his forced selling of GS stock when he became treasury chief (might explain why he would leave $50 million/year job for a measly $200K/year...). See my weblog entry at

Henry Norman
08/17/11 10:29:41

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