If you ever injected truth into politics you have no politics.

- Will Rogers


We are all suckers, if we let them pass this bailout. They want $700 billion to purchase bad mortgages. 700,000,000,000! That is enough to buy 1,400,000 mortgages worth $500,000 each! If people were upside down on the average of $100,000, they could help 7 million families with that kind of waste, but they are going to use the money to prop up poorly managed financial institutions so their corporate executives can continue to earn excessive paychecks.

This is what happens when you give the government too much power.

And if another idiot says, "President Bush does not like to interfere with the markets, but...", we should all puke. "President" Bush loves to interfere with everything!

Let us put it simply: They are obligating every man, woman and child for over $2,000 to give to a few financial institutions relief, making us responsible for their poor decisions. And who benefits? The poor decision makers.

This sucks...

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