2008.09.19 Capitalism Died

Today is the day capitalism was killed by the administration of George W. Bush. There has been no greater expansion of the role of government into all aspects of life than under this Bush administration. There is no doubt that his most fervent belief is in government.

Hank Paulson is a socialist idiot, and there is little question that he felt the need to bailout "the market" because the company he came from, Goldman Sachs, was beginning to get pinched.

It is hard to be coherent when this country, with such greatness in its people, is being so brutally raped by politicians and a ruling class of the protected on Wall Street. You, every hard working, decent American, are being required to bail out these financial institutions who made irresponsible decisions. You are being evisceration for the benefit of a ruling class.

No one should ever protect Bush as a (R)epublican again. If he is a Republican then the party should die like any other socialist party.

Welcome to the USSA.

(This is the legacy we are going to give our children?)

Addendum: When things get difficult, that is when you learn one's true character. The destruction of inefficiency in a capitalist system is difficult, and our government finds it far easier to burden you.

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clearpolitics wrote:

Jeff Macke has the best market commentary, for those interested: http://www.minyanville.com/...
09/19/08 13:46:50

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