Barack Obama NOT Elitist

It has been mentioned by numerous people that Barack Obama is elitist or gives of an air of elitism.This is not true. Barack Obama is not an elitist.

People, no matter how they appear, know who they are within. Barack Obama knows who he is and wishes to keep the truth to himself. By appearing to be above those around him, above reproach, the odds of him being questioned or challenged in any way drops significantly. He would naturally acquire this characteristic as a self-defense mechanism when trying to pass himself off as something greater than he believes himself to be. This act is because he believes himself to be a fraud.

It is unfortunate that the (D)emocratic party has again proffered a weak candidate. They can claim whatever issue they want as to why Barack Obama loses but when the candidate himself carries the air of being a fraud, why would anyone but fellow frauds cast their vote for the candidate.

There are few true elitists, but many, many frauds.

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Helix wrote:

What a bunch of sh.. disguise as quasi intellectual ramble.
09/19/08 07:24:12

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