If you ever injected truth into politics you have no politics.

- Will Rogers

Politicians Help Friends With Your Money

This is not a (D)emocratic or (R)epublican issue, this is a politician issue. When the government picks and chooses which businesses they assist they are helping their friends, but not only at your expense, at the expense of the economic system as whole.

The reason failure is a part of any economic system is so that inefficient and poorly run businesses disappear and better managed, leaner, smarter businesses survive and thrive. When the government finds ways to provide money to Chrysler or Bear Stearns or AIG they put their better run competition at a disadvantage and keep a poorly run organization that pulling down the economy going, impeding progress. Why would they do such a thing?

The answer is always some blowhard comment about helping the economy, jobs, etc. It is all a lie. They are keeping the week and inefficient concerns going because the executives of these large organizations share the same social circles as politicians and these business people have access to corrupt politicians. The help their friends because they are friends, and it does not cost them anything because it is your money.

Next time you hear about the government aiding a private institution to keep it in business, realize you just heard about moral corruption and investment in mediocrity. Also, realize those who are doing a good job, those who run businesses and make responsible decisions like the ones you make day in and day out have been snubbed, kicked in the face, and you are being told a lie so you will swallow the corruption without making a fuss. Good little servant, you are...

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