Boston? Boston? The smells brought out not by the stench of dead fish but of the humidity tackling the sweating throngs of followers. The Democrats wanted a convention in Boston, so let the funk begin.

Sitting on the floor, you contemplate the drama. Thousands upon thousands of followers, coming to hear what they expect to hear. Demonstrators coming to protest what is/isnít being said. Yet is there anything new? Anything at all new? A new idea? A bit of truth? Or is it just another party where we can tell each other what a beautiful thing it will be when we are in charge again. Bah humbug. Letís not waste the breath on the same old lies, and just say ďYou know.Ē

Nothing new will be said. Nothing. And what is said will be a bunch of BS, a lot of political posturing to sound good. Death to truth, because winning is the only thing. Itís all a bunch of Clear Politics. A great week to take a vacation. (And when on vacation, donít forget a good read like the free 9/11 commission report.)

While some talk about the bounce Kerry is expected to get from the convention, letís not forget the trounce received in the stock market. Too much government kills the engine that keeps this fantasy alive. Bush is too much, Kerry is even more, unlike Clinton.

This week in Clear Politics, the only thing new will be the stories not reported by the major media outlets, such as the problems with Russia.

Well, at least there is Lance in France, or as some like to say: Texan Makes Good

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