Freedom of speech means allowing not just those you embrace to speak, but those you fear. The problem with so many is that they fear freedom more than anything.

- e. a. graham

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posted at 17:12:11 on 07/22/04 by clearpolitics - Category: Freedom - [Permalink]

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MeKalecha Hy, MechaHyni HO wrote:

well well
09/28/07 09:45:28

please show answers .. wrote:

what is the deal on the wtc building 7 .. ? in the repost it i hardly dealt with with a serious approach to expalin its fate?how coudl it possibly implode like that from fire... not even been hit by any of the 2 palnes directly.. that it seems like one question to be left to answer..! and also why did the firefighters and others get a green light to start clearing the debris adn all when the air was clearly unhealthy beyond safety standards.. ?
10/07/08 09:00:42

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