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Bush Gives Us USSA

United Socialized States of America. What else can you call them? Bailouts of giant financial institutions that should be allowed to fail. So generous to big business has the Bush administration become that now the automakers are looking for their handout. First the financial institutions, then the home builders, then some more financial institutions, then the auto makers, then more financial intuitions...is anyone allowed to fail in this socialized America?

Who will allow businesses to fail, as true capitalism requires in order to grow? McCain/Palin? Obama/Biden? No one?

Anyone tired of the government asking them to bend over so the politicians can help their friends?

posted at 00:57:31 on 09/09/08 by clearpolitics - Category: The Cause - [Permalink]

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bone4812 wrote:

The only people who definitely should not be helped are the hard working people who are catching hell. The working class just paying for a place to stay is stimulated by the arrangement between federal subsidy programs such as Section 8 that artificially make rental rates high, lack of oversight of lending institution that is turning my neighborhood into blight, and ultimately just a bailout of speculators/banks.
The economic terrorism that raw capitalism has placed on the working class has resulted in cannibalistic game of poker as each corporation drowns in the process of the far flung theory that they can take away jobs and people would continue to be able foot the bill for them at poker table.
Unfortunately for a conservative such as myself I thought could save for rainy days, pursue opportunities that I like, and serve my own personal God. But no the raiders came in under door and forced me to pay 4 times the amount of insurance necessary for my house because neighbors enjoyed living in dangerous areas.
The next raider was oil, the worker of my state passed a bill for commuter rail 8 years ago mass transit would have helped. It's not done and it will be several years away and no stopgap measures such a as bus lane to allow me to go work as my transportation cost now are listed as line budget item now. The raiders then decided to charge me for fuel surcharges after the hurricanes and now want to blame a request for a 39 % increase in rates because of fuel. I work but I read and these raiders really believe I have more to give. The economic policies of 31 percent of dollar should go to housing is 54-57 percent in my area, 3 percent for transportation is 10 percent, after the 20 percent tax rate I'm left with 20-26 percent to pay other bills. No Bailout for the me as my child support continues, mortage payment, and car pay
09/13/08 19:10:44

clearpolitics wrote:

Hear! Hear! And they want more from you because times are tough? Every day the government makes us a little less free.
09/13/08 23:54:12

cgent wrote:

I am a single parent and not quite sure how I am making ends meet. My gross is right at $40K. My child is now in her first year of college and I feel as though I am taxed from every side. From local, state to federal I am taxed on everything. I say enough is enough. There is not much left from a paycheck after bills to buy groceries and gas. I have not received a raise in 3 years due to our economy. I say everyone be taxed the same %. No more income tax refunds. Downsizing that particular federal department would certainly save. We would have to keep a part of it for them to be sure everyone is paying. They should keep the entertainment tax ie: alcohol, cigerettes, gambling/ lottery and whatever else falls in this category.
09/19/08 15:47:56

clearpolitics wrote:

It is incredible when we hear from people with integrity. So often, people are interested in what they can get not what is honest philosophically. You have integrity, and it is people like you the government hurts the most.

Downsizing government...oh, what a dream.
09/19/08 17:36:41

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