Can Obama Learn

Apparently, Barack Obama has decided that the surge in Iraq has "succeeded beyond our wildest dreams." Yet he still proclaims he did not support the surge and would not, even with the hindsight of its success, change his non-support.

What he is saying is that not only is he against change, he is horrified by the prospect and prefers the comfortable malaise of the status quo...this explains his Joe Biden selection.

Some wish to make it clear that only his "wildest dreams" were exceeded:

Anthony Cordesman, an analyst on Middle East security at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, today challenged Obama's remarks that ``nobody'' expected the surge to succeed so well.

``There was a very clear military plan that set clear goals,'' Cordesman said. Success wasn't ``a certainty, but it also certainly wasn't by any stretch of the imagination something based on dreams and goals that nobody could have anticipated would succeed.''

BTW: If you are going to be big on change should you not be a better dreamer? How can you be an agent for change when you dream of the mundane where nothing extraordinary is possible?

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D.Sada wrote:

Would you rather someone who gives you bullshit? Apparently so, hence where you are leaning. I would rather a realistic statement on policy change. Why are we in Iraq? Wheres Osama bin Laden? Why are we in Iraq?
09/05/08 22:44:07

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