Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.

- Ronald Reagan

Biden Who?

Now everyone knows why McCain picked Palin as his running mate; she is the strong, proud woman so many women know themselves to be, and she does not care to impress Washington. Clearly, she is change in Washington and McCain may really be a maverick.

As for the same old same old, Biden says that if he and Obama get into the White House they wish to root themselves deeply in the past and will take the opportunity to pursue criminal charges against members of the Bush administration.

We may have to consider that Obama does not know what the word change means, unless what he is really saying is that they are going to bleed everyone so thoroughly financially that all anyone will have left is change...unless, of course, they are politicians.

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Courtney wrote:

McCain's choice for VP was not one of a maverick but one of the conservative Republican that he is trying to hide. He still trants the same old mantra of little or regulation of big business. Him choosing Palin was his way of trying to be liberal but it only made him look more conservative because they are all known as crowd pleasers and that is all he is trully doing. If Obama doesnt know the meaning of change then McCain hasnt even heard of such a word.
09/04/08 16:27:10

Sada wrote:

Palin is just to steal Hillarys voters. As a political science major in school.. I predicted McCains VP choice. The choice of a woman just in itself is a "liberal" idea..Thus softening his personna as a Conservative. Other then that, if EDUCATED voters vote, she stands no chance. My University has more students then people who have voted for her as governor. Its a joke to say she has any kind of relevant experience to her position or in foreign policy. Shes famous for building a sports complex? WOW. And for people who say a woman who can raise five kids can be VP, I guess? Maybe I should drop out of college and just have kids... better yet if I hadn't had such a great mom.. maybe I would of already had a kid at 17.
09/05/08 22:31:30

Mike wrote:

Sada wrote:
"better yet if I hadn't had such a great mom.. maybe I would of already had a kid at 17. "
And she claims to be a poli-sci major. Perhaps her knowledge of grammar is evidence of the IQ of those supporting Obama. The proper term is "would HAVE" but why quibble over something stupid like grammar when the Demopcratic party has nothing salient to offer the people of the U.S.A.
09/08/08 13:33:20

wendy rex wrote:

if Biden is talking about criminal charges .. hmmm wonder if Ayers name will be on the list

ohhh thats right...he is Obamas buddy so he is sacred

ANd not all us females liked Hillary (gag) .. if Palin was ANYWAY like that piece of work I would vote green party or something.. the only thing Palin and hillary have in common is ovaries and I am not sure hillary has em
09/16/08 00:00:52

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