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Change? Vote McCain!

McCain's VP pick of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is as good as Obama's VP pick of Delaware Senator Joe Biden is bad. And, of the four involved in the campaign, only Sarah Palin has executive leadership experience. She has run a state, while none of them have been responsible for running anything.

And talk about change. A young female with executive experience is change. And, to be honest, anything will be change because George Bush cannot run again.

In their first major decision to the presidency, Barack Obama picks an old school politician that is in bed with many giant corporations that have helped enrich his family. McCain picks a young politician who has already battled hard against oil companies to do the right thing by her constituents and has worked to reduce government.

You want change? Where is the real "change"?

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JJ wrote:

I am absolutely thrilled at John McCain's choice of Palin for VP. I am a registerd Independent and have vacilated between Obama and McCain for several months. The announcement of Palin has made my decision easier. She comes across as independent, articulate, understanding of the needs of women and has strong values. Love this VP choice!!!!
08/30/08 16:39:15

Obama not the choice of most. wrote:

I resent Obama acting like our country is lost unless we are DUMB enough to elect him. Our country is just fine.....we will never be without people in need so dont fool anyone...we just help when and where we can and do the best we can by everyone. All his campaign is is hype!! Go John and Sarah...
08/30/08 16:46:15

Reggie wrote:

Let your haters be your motivators.....OBAMA/BIDEN08
09/03/08 17:14:06

vote wrote:

I'd argue with you guys, but, the fact is you're already set, to those who aren't, check out the info on what palin stands for, and what she has done, ie, having 2 officials in her town fired as soon as she got in office because they did not support her.

this is not a person I want in office.

anyhow, again, please, vote on issues, not on what other people say.
god bless.
09/04/08 04:57:42

D.Sada wrote:

I do not understand any one who is voting for McCains' logic. I am a registered Republican. This country will definitely go into a bad recession if he is elected. It will be Bush all over again. Thrilled by his choice? She has experience? HAHAHA most urban highschools have a bigger and more diverse population than the people who elected her. If you have issues with Obama let that be said, but Palin is not a good choice. Sure she is to trick people into thinking she represents a major change, other then literally just being the First Female VP and the First Governor to ask what a VP does? She has strong values? Obviously not strong enough to teach her daughter to wear a condom.. nor strong or articulate enough to actual talk about POLICY in her speech instead of ranting and barking like a bulldog. No arguing because it's pointless.. I just hope you realize if McCain dies, she is president. She is NOT Hillary, Obama, Bidden, or McCain.. or anyone else that you could think of. She might do OK with the U.S. but you think the world and it's terrorists take us seriously now? We will see... It will be a sad day for this country.
09/05/08 22:40:45

wendy rex wrote:

My daughter got pregnant at 17 too and I thought I had instilled the concept of caution and condoms and care, etc. So going there is not a good idea

I was a democrat for decades and remember stuffing envelopes for robert kennedy.... I remember john f..tooI think both of them would be laughing and thrilled with her..

the democratic party of today is NOT the party of John and bobby...but they both appreciated a fighter and I think they would have liked Palin
I know I do..
09/16/08 00:12:31

S. N. Woods wrote:

why shouldn't someone go there just because your kid STILL didn't listen and wear a condom? Just because both of you had kids that got knocked up does not make her a fit candidate for motherhood (poor baby Trig too, being explioted like crazy by his mother, to show that she COULD have aborted him, but would never). Sarah Palin's attempts at trying to look like a normal American mother are sad, and I think that will show in the long run.
10/22/08 10:21:50

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