Half a truth is often a great lie.

- Benjamin Franklin

Fools Follow Obama

He says that drilling is a stop-gap measure, but if elected he will end our use of foreign oil in 10 years. This can only be accomplished if he turns the United States into a third world country akin to Cuba, where mules will pull our cars.

Do you believe Obama and his empty dreams because they sound so nice or because you are so stupid you believe them to be true?

The bigger fools are not Obama but his followers. No matter how much you want to like the guy, it is impossible to deny he is an empty suit. His "gift" is that when he tells a story, no matter how far fetched, the lonely and vapid feel alive.

You can blame the (D)emocratic party for the lack of a good presidents. They offer such pathetic candidates it does not demand much from the (R)epublicans. (Though in many ways they got their Democrat in George Bush.)

Where are our leaders...those brave enough to speak the truth and speak of the greatness that is America?

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S Adams wrote:

Obama:"I am the The One, thy Messiah. Vote for me oh wee ones for I shalt raise thy taxes, I shalt take thy hard earned money and give it to thy poor who do not want to work, I shalt give illegal aliens drivers licenses, I shalt give illegal aliens social security benefits and welfare, follow me all ye of little faith and I shalt allow your teenage daughter to have late term abortions out-of-state without your consent, I shalt release oil from the oil reserves and give ye 3 more days of oil instead of the evil drilling or nuclear solution. I shalt also allow ye drug dealers more leniency. I shalt also dismantle our nuclear weapons, for ye shalt not need them, for I will appease our enemies and we shalt wear burkas and read the Quran. Follow me loyal sheep to the altar in my Temple in Colorado where I shalt sacrifice ye for the good of the country. I will promise ye all this CHANGE and ye shalt HOPE our country can recover when I am done.
08/29/08 01:31:56

D.Sada wrote:

and GENIUS' follow Palin... come on guys.. your thought process on this is a joke.
09/05/08 23:16:14

wendy rex wrote:

whats wrong with Palin?? honestly she has more executive experience than Obama OR McCain in reality..

she is a working woman with a family who believes in her god , her country and her family...
She has the experience,
She has the record of fighting for what her constituents want
She has the working persons reality check
She has the values of most of america

I thinks she is wonderful
09/15/08 23:55:46

Undecided wrote:

I propose that D.Sada not be allowed to post on Clear Politics anymore. All s/he does is make a bunch of unsubstantiated claims--complete with piss-poor grammar and punctuation.

Unsubstantiated claims...hmm...who does that remind you of? Oh, that's right! A little ol' presidential hopeful named Barrack Hussein Obama is an awful lot like that!
09/20/08 02:06:15

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