Russian Celebrates Olympics by Going to WAR!

Hoping that international attention will continue to focus elsewhere, Russia has gone to war to conquer parts of Georgia. No, this is not a war of the type the United States wages where the goal is to return the country to its people, this is a reclaiming of the Soviet Union's failing past:

"One hundred and fifty Russian tanks, armoured personnel carriers and other vehicles have entered South Ossetia," President Saakashvili of Georgia told reporters in Tbilisi. "This is a clear intrusion on another country’s territory. We have Russian tanks on our territory, jets on our territory in broad daylight." [Read]

And for those who believe all war is about is an issue here as well.

Now you may return to the Olympics.

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GO OBAMA! wrote:

Vote for John Mccain and we end up in world war!

Another oil war.... hmm i wonder if we will step in to help Georgia.
08/08/08 18:06:14

S Adams wrote:

John McCain is not a warmonger. He loves his country and wants it to win not turn tail and run out on a country we destroyed. That is not what America is all about. We leave Iraq and all the soldiers who gave their lives will be lost in vain! Not only that, but Iraq will be vulnerable to Iran and terrorist. Of course, if that happens we could go back to an even worse situation which is Obama's plan. McCain knows about war, personally. He knows it's not pretty and he knows Bush is unpopular because of it. He will not follow the same road and has disagreed with Bush on almost every issue. They are not friends. If the stupid Dems like Obama, and his friends like Pelosi and Reid would let us drill OUR own oil, we would not have to defend other countries for their oil supply which we pay out $700 billion a yr for.
08/08/08 20:07:16

Get Your Facts right wrote:

You are very ignorant russia didnt start the war, it was Saakashvili. I guess you believe every word he says... He also said that russia had bombed and destroyed the Georgia's main airport but some days later the french president landed on the same airport that was " destroyed by russia" and american cargo plane carrying aid for Goergia are landing on the same airport... dont believe all you hear and see...
09/01/08 13:01:07

clearpolitics wrote:

Much like the United States civil war, the Georgian government is trying to bring a territory over which they have lost control back into the fold. The Georgian government did not start a war with the Russians.
09/01/08 13:53:40

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