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DeLay Delays.

Tom Delay, (R)epublican from Texas, has been in trouble a few times with the ethics committee—in the last year. There is concern he may be indicted criminally. To put it bluntly, his moral compass seems to be a bit off kilter, but don’t worry, he will save Terri Schiavo. Her husband disagrees:

Michael Schiavo said, "You have Tom DeLay … making absurd statements that Terri said she didn't want to die. How does he know that? He's never met her.”

Is Michael Schiavo suggesting Tom DeLay is engaging in the worst of Clear Politics? Well, it does seem to fit his character. Sure, Tom really cares about Terri. Right.

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Sara Jordan wrote:

The article kinda confirms that DeLay was playing:
03/28/05 06:39:07

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