I am a Republican, a black, dyed in the wool Republican, and I never intend to belong to any other party than the party of freedom and progress.

- Frederick Douglas

Do You Care? Why?

Talk about silly, and sad. Today, the Supreme Court is listening to discussions about whether or not states have the right to allow their citizens to use marijuana for medicinal reasons. Sad. Silly.

What kind of free society is this where you have to explain what you put into your body to the government, where have to get permission? Where is the freedom of will? But, that is not even going to be the argument, it is going to be about the medicinal use of marijuana. How unfortunate that is has to be couched in those terms.

Does anyone ask for a prescription or even for an explanation for those using alcohol? No, nor should they. Cigarettes? No, nor should they. Caffeine? No. Sugar? No. We know these items can have disastrous affects upon the body, but we support ones choice to ruin themselves. So why marijuana? Because when they legalized alcohol after prohibition, after prohibiting everything, they did not legalize marijuana. To this day, its use is prevalent, and in so many ways an excellent alternative to alcohol. Because the government says it is acceptable to drink and not acceptable to smoke marijuana, does not make it right? Wrong? You may want to consider the government may be wrong, again.

So, when you hear someone railing against marijuana, think about the woman going before the court today, the mother with a brain tumor who finds marijuana works for her, and ask yourself why they are opposed to freedom, to choice. Why do we want to impose our will upon her, yet ask her not to impose upon us.

Yes, the government is against marijuana use, the federal government that so supports freedom wants to tell you how to treat the one thing in life you know is yours, your body. Yes, the government is against it on our behalf, but you came into this world with a brain, and its sole purpose is not to space your ears.

Use your brain. Support freedom, especially for those you do not agree with. Just use your brain, and be pro-freedom, pro-individual.

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Roy wrote:

Why do I care? Because in many cases marijuana usage leads to other things. The habitual use is as dangerous as that of alcohol. The question, I raise what makes alcohol consumption okay? Because Uncle Sam says so? I agree the position of our society on this issue is hypocritical, but do we open the flood gate or fix the crack?

I feel society as a whole has an obligation in this matter to at least deter undesirable behaviours that affect us all, especially the least of us. They need our help.

In the 20s when amphetamine "poppers" were the craze, addicts abounded with no work or desire to work. For those ultra physically responsible conservatives out there, it was the taxpayer who had to pick up the bill for all the addicts.

If you want to run down the path of ruin, it's your life. Just don't ask me to subsidize your trip and keep out of the public arena where others could be hurt.
11/29/04 13:10:09

Ours wrote:

Then help them, if that is your desire, but do not turn them into criminals. And just because we think life is precious, why must they, for our own comfort? Are you concerned you will become a junkie if drugs are legalized? Do think we should have individual responsibility without freedom?

I exist not as a part of society, but as an individual. Using your description of society's obligation, we are all nothing but the parts of a machine to be best managed by the driver/mechanic. Hitler was fine tuning his machine.

Habitual abuse of anything is bad, just look at all of the obesity around us, something inflicting far more damage than drugs.

Hopefully we can agree that people have the right to ruin their life, and you should not have to subsidize the trip, nor should you have the right to turn them into criminals for using their bodies as they see fit.
11/29/04 14:08:42

Chill wrote:

The drugs God gave us are beautiful. Drugs are gifts from God, when they are harvested from the nature around us. The government does not work on our behalf, but on behalf of the giant pharmaceutical companies. Drugs will always be here. They always have been, they always will be. Just chill. Life is to short to tell others what to do, just don't tell me what to do.
11/29/04 16:34:47

The Inquisitor wrote:

Since the argument in the commens seem to be with the governement, lets tear down all the walls, open the flood gates to anarchy and chaos. Our society, US culture of which 80% profess to be Christian, are mere hypocrits in their positions on most issues anyway. Young women who use drugs during preganancy are criminalized while if they could have killed the child an abortion and been legal. Are they criminals for using drugs? They are just doing what they want, it is their body. ???

Yes we all exist as individuals, but we are also part of a much larger organism, called the Human Race. This nation used to be a nation of "WE" and now its a nation of "ME". Let me alone, let me do what I please. Who cares who my actions affect? Who cares if they are positive or negative? Who cares about the others in this nation, the world, as long as I get mine. As long as I eat and have things, who cares about the moral climate our children are raised in or the hardships of others? America, what has happened? A nation built solely on rights will fall, for whose rights take presidence? Rights, responsibility and freedoms go to gather, yet without a moral compass, they become the very monsters that will destroy a nation.

I have heard folks, the drug laws put good people in jail. Well good people don't do drugs. I have the knowledge and will to stay away from these poisons, including alcohol, but others don't. Hitler sought in his mind to perfect humanity, I say we have an obligation to protect it. The comparison in a previous comment is

Agree or disagree, our actions always impact others. You said don't make them criminals, should we not make Scott Peterson a murderer. where is the line to be drawn? Or do we vote anarchy?
11/30/04 05:47:20

JN wrote:

So let's legalize marijauna. Lobby your Representative to vote for legalization.

We have a Constitution which lays out all the procedures for self-government. I would be shocked if this site would want Judges to flout laws on the books.
11/30/04 11:55:04

Cosmo, please wrote:

Here's the solution. Ban everything!

Drinking will be banned at University of Oklahoma fraternities and residence halls...

12/01/04 16:53:39

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