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- Francois Gautier

Kerry Wins! What Does it Mean?

I read the (D)emocrat rants, stylings and editorials, and there seems to be a common thread. Bush is evil, the war in Iraq is wrong, Bush is stupid, Powell is brilliant and does not really mean what he says, and Bush is evil. Wait, and they HATE! (R)epublicans. Hate, with passion.

So, what does it mean if Kerry wins the election? Have they listened to what he has said about the war? Have they read his current position on Iraq? Kerry is not bringing the troops home, even he knows that would be a mistake at this time, so what does this mean for the anti-war, anti-(R)epublican, angry, bitter, nasty voices? What do they think will change?

I do not have the answer to their anger, but if they would listen to what John Kerry is saying, they would realize that their answer, John Kerry, does not seem to be the answer they are spouting, except that there will be no more Bush, and maybe that is all they really care about. People motivated by hatred of a man they consider stupid. Sounds a bit like envy, but that doesn’t make sense...

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frances opaczewski wrote:

I for one am voting for Bush, I think kerry and his crew should go back to boston and stay there, I don't much care for his wife either, Laura is a classy lady all the time no matter what they say about her husband and she as well as Bush are always positive.The kerry.s could take a few lessons for them. viva Bush.
09/27/04 00:42:32

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