Freedom of speech means allowing not just those you embrace to speak, but those you fear. The problem with so many is that they fear freedom more than anything.

- e. a. graham

Suggestion for You

The whole issue about Teresa Kerry telling a reporter to “shove it” is completely overblown. Look at the facts:

- Teresa Heinz Kerry calls for greater civility in the political rhetoric. Saying some of the actions are un-American.
- After the speech, a reporter asks for clarification about the un-American comment.
- She denies making the comment. (Unfortunately for her, it is on tape, though it is still denied.)
- She walks away from the reporter.
- She turns around to return and tell the reporter to “shove it.”

What is the big deal? Did anyone think when she calls for greater civility she means herself? Who out there does not know that when politicians ask for something it is from you, expected of you, and they are exempted from these requests, as they are special, they are better and more refined than the unwashed masses.

Come on now, Clear Politics is the life blood of these people and if you are still foolish enough to think when they lecture they are including themselves in the diatribe, you deserve the bloated government and tax increases they want to insert deeply into your psyche.

And really, when she said to that man “shove it,” what did she want shoved?

The funniest part, from those unsurprised, is that they blame the “Right-wing rag” for the problems. Beautiful. Who you support says more about you than you want it to.

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